Sing Your Last Text, Zack's house almost burns down, and a bizarre conspiracy theory.  Enjoy!

Today's brand new Anger Diary ... There Are No Awards.  Get every Anger Diary on demand at

The most embarrassing moment of Antoine's life, though questions in the Hot Seat, and a wrestling-themed Backwards Backwards Game.

July 13, 2020

Mount Rushmore: Musicals

Today we try to figure out the Mount Rushmore of musicals.

Her new stepdad wants her to call him "Dad."  Is it too soon?

Zack tries to make it rain, Antoine tries to remember the Pledge, and the Great Soda Conspiracy.  Enjoy!

A Mornin' Thang Poetry Slam, Thang Hacks, and Monica is mad at her husband for something ridiculous.

This week Antoine profiles "Rhythm + Flow" on Netflix, "Palm Springs" on Hulu, and "The Old Guard" on Netflix. Enjoy!

Antoine thinks he's the victim of a conspiracy, Hook Up or Hang Up, and a brand new Birthday Scam.

We recreate lines from famous comedies like Coming to America, Bill & Ted's, and Billy Madison.  Enjoy!

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