It's the all "Zack's Birthday Edition" of the game, and Antoine calls Zack a mean name on his birthday!

Antoine is watching an embarrassing new show, Monica is thinking of doing her own eyebrows, and a brand new Birthday Scam.

Antoine's finding money and Zack has ceiling issues.  NO!!!!! Get one FREE question answered by Suzanna now at 

So ... what’s a butt crumb? Monica introduces us to a term we’ve never heard before.

This week and Zack's Anger Diary he explores the Facebook trend of "Unpopular Opinions" and how superhero movies are all basically the same.  Get every Anger Diary on demand at

Backwards Backwards Game, Unpopular Opinions, and lots and lots of bees

We try to figure out the four greatest sandwiches of all time, and a surprising last minute change disappoints Monica and Antoine.

Monica fat shames Zack, dumb pool plans, and Zack's new best friend.

Quarantine Thang Hacks, Hip Hop Spelling Bee and the Top Moments of the Week.

Today Antoine highlights "Fleabag" on Amazon Prime, "Ozark" on Netflix, and Wrestlemania on the WWE Network. We also discuss plans for our special Watch Party Happy Hour on Tuesday.  Enjoy!

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