January 21, 2020

Tuesday 01/21/20 FULL THANG!

Monica tries to sneak her man some veggies, the dumbest arguments ever, and a woman dating a much younger man.

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January 20, 2020

Monday 01/20/20 FULL THANG!

An in sane version of Backwards Backwards Game hosted by Miss Monica, your "escape it all" dream, and a boyfriend who wants a free pass before he gets engaged!

Monica's traumatizes her children, the Adventures of Fuzz Mouth and Tickle Tooth, and Antoine's crushing Reese's Cup injury.  Enjoy!

Hip Ho Spelling Bee, Happy Place TV shows, and Monica tries to cook food in her dryer.

Today Antoine talks about "The Man In the High Castle" on Amazon, "Marvel's Hero Project" on Disney+, and the new Bad Boys For Life movie.  Enjoy!

January 16, 2020

Thursday FULL SHOW 01/16/20

Falling asleep in public, a messy Ghost Hunters, and big buckets of buttons in the Craigslist Price Is Right.  Enjoy!

Today Antoine and Monica try to say the phrases "Friday Eve, Yippee!," "I'm Crazy, Cuckoo!," and "Big Juicy Steak." Enjoy!

January 15, 2020


Monica stole from her own child, Antoine’s tiny injury that made him almost cry in public, and Zack’s adventures with the K-Mart horse.

This week Antoine is having fun down south, Monica is dropping weight and Zack is getting a new car.  Get one FREE question from Psychic Suzanna today at www.MediaPsychic.com


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