A brand new way to eat cereal, dog birthday parties vs kid birthday parties, and the Hip Hop Spelling Bee.

It's a good weekend to get lost in some fun shows as we profile Dirty Dancing, You vs. Wild, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Monica is too old for candy, Antoine wants something he doesn’t need, and a brand new Birthday Scam.

Today it's the "Hot and Cheese Edition" of the Backwards Backwards Game.  Enjoy!

Zack’s grocery store confession, Dirty Little Secrets, and brand new Birthday Scam.

June 3, 2020

BONUS: Psychic Suzanna

This week Antoine is talking about model cars (?) and Zack is surrounded by food on the wall.  Get your one FREE question now at MediaPsychic.com 

Romance Gone Wrong, Antoine the Moocher, and a tough decision in 1GottaGo

This week's latest Anger Diary ... "No Beach For Me" ... Get every Anger Diary on demand at www.AngerDiary.com.

This morning we discussed the feelings and raw emotions that are gripping our world right now, and how we can move forward as a people and a community.  We wanted to share those here as well and hope to continue to be a beacon of hope for those within the Thang family.

Today we hunt for the top four summer/beach songs of all time.  Does your make the list?

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