New Thang episode tomorrow!  In the meantime, here's a classic Birthday Scam ... Gimme Yo Sheets!

A new episode of the Thang returns Wednesday.   In the meantime, we discuss the random things people do that we don't understand at ALL.

July 6, 2020

Your Inner Nerd

New Thang episodes back on Wednesday, but in the meantime we confess our "inner nerd"

Her ex still wants to hang with her parents.  Is that OK?  (Just a reminder ... relationship drama topics like this can always be found on our "Life Is Messy" standalone podcast.  Check it out!)

Happy 4th!  We count down the Top Moments of the Week ... Tiny Trucks, Butt Eyes, and Sing Your Last Text. 

This week Antoine profiles "Hamilton" on Disney+, "Independence Day" on HBO Now, and "The Sandlot" on Amazon Prime.  Enjoy!

Antoine's mad at his friend circle, Zack takes way too long to make music playlists, and Celebrity Either Or goes down to the wire.  Happy 4th all!

A brand new Ghost Hunters, why your neighbors hate you, and the Craigslist Price is Right  Enjoy!

It's a 4th of July themed edition of the Backwards Backwards Game.

The embarrassing reason Zack cried, a ridiculous debate about men and women, and the show that freaked you out as a kid.

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